Europe for the Many is a series of public dialogues on the continent’s future bringing together academics, journalists, intellectuals, civil society campaigners, politicians and the general public. Through these dialogues we hope to create new, innovative and practical solutions to the major challenges facing Europe in the twenty-first century.


Europe for the Many: Palermo Edition
8th November 2019
This will take place as part of the Transeuropa bi-annual festival in Palermo which runs from the 7th to 10th November. More details coming soon.

Past events

Remain and Reform – the Portuguese experience of being ‘in and against’ the European Union
5th June, Palace of Westminster
Hilary Wainwright, Clive Lewis, Eunice Goes, Mary Kaldor, Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Launch of a ground breaking new report on the Portuguese experience of ending austerity authored by Hilary Wainwright with an introduction by Clive Lewis.

The dawn of a Europe of many visions: What the EU election results mean for the Left
28th May, LSE
With Professor Mary Kaldor, Dr Luke Cooper, Dr Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz, Paul Mason, Chi Onwurah, Neil Foster, Laura Parker and Faiza Shaheen.
Launch of Dawn of a Europe of Many Visions and discussion of the EU election results.

Sustainable Equality: well-being for everyone in Europe
13th May 2019, LSE
Discussion of tackling inequality in Europe with a keynote speech from Udo Bullman, Head of the Parliamentary Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. Plus a presentation of the Sustainable Equality report from Louka Katseli, Professor of Economics and former Minister for the Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping in Greece. With comments by Faiza Shaheen, Director of Class think tank and Laura Parker, National Coordinator of Momentum.

Europe for the Many
26th – 27th October 2018, LSE
A two day gathering on the reform and transformation of Europe featuring Euclid Tsakalatos Elly Schlein, Caroline Lucas MP Gerardo Pisarello, Alper Tasdelen, Zoe Williams, Daria Kaleniuk, Adrian Dohotaru, Laura Parker, Hilary Wainwright, Mary Kaldor, Ash Sarkar, and many more.