A left strategy for transforming Europe

26th-27th October

Organised by the LSE Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit

Antonio Costa
Portuguese prime minister

Euclid Tsakalotos
Greek finance minister

Caroline Lucas
Green Party leader

Ash Sarkar
Novara Media

Zoe Williams
Guardian journalist

Asad Rehman
War on Want

Ann Pettifor

Laura Parker

Shaista Aziz
Stop Trump Coalition

Nick Dearden
Global Justice Now

Mary Kaldor
LSE Professor of Global Governance

Marina Prentoulis
UEA, Syriza

and Carl Miller, Demos | Hilary Wainwright, author | Dmitri Makarov, Russian human rights activist | Luke Cooper, Another Europe Is Possible | Mohammed Ateek, Syrian activist | Ana Gomes, Portuguese Socialist MEP | Niccolo Milanese, European Alternatives | and many more tbc

Europe for the Many will bring together progressives from across the continent for two days of discussion, reflection and action planning.

We will meet at a time of great urgency for the future of progressive forces on the continent. Peace and democracy in Europe are today under huge challenge by the rise of the far right. With some exceptions the left has not been the ‘go-to pole’ of the political system blown apart by the fallout from the global financial crisis.

Today we are paying the price for the failure of previous reform efforts; of not being bold and visionary enough. This can’t go on. Europe needs a new agenda for transformative social change.

To aid in these efforts Europe for the Many will provide an opportunity for civil society movements and politicians to enter into dialogue and discussion on what our next steps will be. How do we go beyond the dichotomy of status quo Europe versus no Europe? What transformative possibilities are opening up? And how can the growing threat from far right nationalist forces be effectively challenged?

We will bring together a range of speakers – and you – to answer these questions.

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Friday 26 October

From 1.30pm
Arrival and registrations
2.30pm - 4pm
Europe in 2019: What is to be done?
As Europe heads into a decisive year marked by new elections, a rising right and Brexit, the left and civil society must develop pan-European alternatives to the continent's travails.
  • Niccolo Milanese, European Alternatives
  • Ana Gomes MEP, Portuguese Socialists
  • Elly Schlein MEP, Possibile
  • Julie Ward MEP, Labour Party
  • Nick Dearden, Another Europe Is Possible
  • TBC
4.15pm - 5.45pm
Tax and financial justice in Europe today; new logics of economy
  • Pierre Grimaud, Attac France
  • John Christensen, Tax Justice Network
  • Dottie Grace Guerrero, Global Justice Now
Resisting the data oligarchs: digital rights and the digital commons
  • Carl Miller, Centre for Analysis of Social Media at Demos
  • Emma Briant, Senior Lecturer, University of Essex
  • Katarzyna Szymielewicz, President Panoptykon Foundation
6pm - 7.30pm
A transformative economic strategy for Europe
  • Euclid Tsakalatos, Greek Finance Minister, Syriza
  • Ann Pettifor, Economist
  • Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party
7.30pm - 9pm
Social event

Saturday 27 October

10am - 10.30am
10.30am - 12noon
Municipalities in a changing Europe
  • Hilary Wainwright, author A New Politics From the Left
  • Alper Tasdelen, Mayor of Cankaya (Ankara)
  • TBC
12noon - 1.15pm
Lunch session: What future for Europe? Can the EU survive? Does it deserve to?
  • Mary Kaldor, Professor of Global Governance (LSE)
  • Gian Giacomo Migone, former Italian senator (PDS)
  • Luke Cooper, academic and Another Europe Is Possible
  • Ash Sarkar, Senior Editor at Novara Media
  • Zoe Williams, Guardian
1.15pm - 3pm
Parallel sessions

Resisting far right populism in Europe; promoting alternatives
  • Dmitri Makarov, Russian human rights activist
  • Shaista Aziz, Stop Trump Coalition
  • Slavek Sierakowski, Krytyka Politcznya
  • Sule Bucak, Turkish activist
The UK debate on Brexit vs, the mainland European debate: how do they compare?
  • Zoe Williams, Guardian
  • Marina Prentoulis, University of East Anglia
  • Imke Henkel, academic and journalist at Zeit Online
Peace and justice in Europe: global crises and progressive politics
  • Mary Kaldor, LSE
  • Asad Rehman, War on Want
  • Rim Turkmani, LSE
3pm - 3.15pm
3.15pm - 5pm
Parallel sessions

A Europe of the people: confronting oligarchy and corruption
  • Daria Kaleniuk, Ukrainian anti-corruption campaigner
  • Adrian Dohotaru MP, Save Romania Union
  • TBC
Against fortress Europe and fortress Britain; rethinking immigration policy
  • Elly Schlein MEP, Possibile
  • Mohameed Ateek, Syrian academic activist
  • Zoe Gardner, author The Case for Global Free Movement
  • TBC
Resisting ecological apocalypse, protecting the environmental commons
  • Amelia Womack, Green Party Deputy Leader
  • Sylvia Borren, former Director of Greenpeace Netherlands
  • Suzanne Dhaliwal, co-founder UK Tar Sands Network
5.15pm - 6.45pm
Europe for the Many
  • Antonio Costa, Portuguese Prime Minister (Portuguese Socialists)
  • Laura Parker, Momentum
  • TBC

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